Automated Metering

Randolph Electric utilizes Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to improve the efficiency and reliability of our electric system. By installing AMI digital meters, Randolph Electric is able to deliver better service, control rising operating expenses, and improve system reliability through improved
outage management and preventive maintenance, without the need to enter a member’s property.

The digital AMI meters that Randolph Electric uses do not use radio frequencies to communicate usage information. All communication to and from the meter is transmitted on existing power lines by using power line carrier technology. In addition, any information collected is not released to a third party.

While nearly 100 percent of Randolph Electric's meters are automated, we respect any members' decision to not participate in the program. However, to cover the labor costs associated with reading a traditional meter, REMC charges a monthly fee of $25 to any location that has a traditional analog meter. This is because with AMI digital meters, Randolph Electric can perform meter-reading tasks remotely, saving time, gas and labor costs.  

Benefits of Automated Metering

  • Improves members' access to information – the automated metering system gives members the ability to monitor energy consumption, set usage notifications, access billing and payment history, and more.
  • Reduces meter reading and transportation costs.
  • Reduces the need to access your property to read your meter.
  • Allows for better outage management.
  • Reduces employee injuries, especially in areas with fenced yards, dogs and landscaping.