Monitor How Much Electricity You Use

Take the Surprise Out of Your Electric Bill

The first step to saving energy is by knowing how you use electricity in your home. MyUsage is a tool available on REMC's Online Member Service Portal and Mobile App that allows you to do just that. By monitoring your use through MyUsage, you'll have an idea of how much you can expect your bill to be for the month. You'll also start to notice trends in your family’s personal habits and how they cause increases or decreases in your energy use.

For example, you may notice that every Saturday in the fall your electric use increases when everyone gathers at your home to watch football on your large television, or that your use increases during months when you run your pool pump for a longer period of time. You may also notice decreases when you make adjustments to your thermostat so your heating/cooling system runs for a shorter period of time.

Since the data on MyUsage is specific to your home and family, it makes tracking your use a lot easier. And, once you determine the culprits of high energy use in your home, you can make adjustments to reduce your kilowatt-hour consumption and your monthly power bill.

With MyUsage, you can:

  • See the amount of energy used on a daily basis
  • View daily use for the last 30 days, along with the average temperature
  • Set up e-mail alerts for daily use and use that exceeds a certain threshold that members determine for themselves

nov 2016 myusage chart



Monitor On the Go with Randolph EMC's Mobile App

After first creating an account on the Online Member Service Portal, you can monitor your energy use on the go with Randolph EMC's Mobile App.

Search for "Randolph EMC" in the App Store or Google Play. Download, then view your usage on the app by signing in with the credentials you created on the Online Member Service Portal.